Schöpp®-Tennis court carpets: In a class of their own

From Remscheid to Europe
If you swing your racket at an indoor tennis court, there is a good chance that you will do so on a high-quality Schöpp® tennis court carpet. For more than 25 years, the Schöpp® Sportboden GmbH has been pioneering the development of textile tennis courts throughout Europe. But our expertise goes back much further: as early as 1967, the Ralph Schöpp® KG was the first carpet manufacturer to produce a textile carpet for an indoor tennis court. Since then, more than 5,000 courts right across Europe have been fitted with Schöpp® indoor tennis carpets, with 150 – 200 courts being fitted by us and our partners every year.

Even in his parents’ company, textile engineer Ralph Schöpp jr. was largely responsible for the production and ongoing development of indoor tennis carpets, among other things. He founded Schöpp®-Sportboden GmbH in 1994, which he has headed as managing director ever since. And the company has continued to grow. In 1996, Micaela Fischer-Schöpp founded a subsidiary in Switzerland, which is now in its second-generation and is run by her son Eric Andreas Fischer.
In 1997, Michael Schöpp completed the trio of siblings in the successful family business, which is based in Remscheid, Germany.

Our developments
The granule-filled loop covering “Slide or Winner”, the dust-free extrusion granules “Perfect Glide”, the recyclable, highly cushioned polymer backings and the new coarse-fibre sport tennis carpet “ProBounce and Champion” have revolutionised the market and are produced and offered exclusively by us.

Our secret – the design formula of our tennis carpets optimises ball bounce and comfort
Schöpp® indoor tennis court carpets are characterised by a non-slip and firm surface as well as an elastic, filler-free coating. Both are essential for a clean and high ball bounce. We use high-quality polyester elastic fleece for a durable and comfortable backing. Through a process of continuous development, our current backing is a filler-free polymer coating that is highly recyclable and offers an excellent level of playing comfort and excellent ball bounce characteristics.
The fact is: only an elastic back offers durable playing comfort.
In addition to many years of experience, our group of companies is characterised by flexibility, an awareness for high quality, and innovative product development.
What sets us apart from the competition is our direct sales. In close consultation with tennis court owners, we offer a full range of services, from the development and production to the fitting of the carpet.

Our programme
In addition to our various indoor tennis carpets, we have also been producing an artificial agility turf for the special requirements of dog sports since 2001. In the same period, a production line for the manufacture of our own “Perfect Glide” extrusion granules has been integrated into the company. The polymer coating line, which went into operation in 2011, offers not only extensive product improvements and innovations in the area of our indoor tennis carpets, but also forms the basis for new business areas. Our new company Schöpp-Polymer-Carpet GmbH now also offers filler-free coatings for recyclable carpets to customers outside the tennis market – sustainably, for the sake of the environment.
Our range is rounded off by carpets for multifunctional sports facilities, including those for badminton or aerobics, sports centre equipment and accessories such as ball-catching curtains, which are also custom-made by us for specific projects.

Brief and to the point
We are your competent point of contact for

  • tennis court carpets with and without granule infill
  • odourless and dust-free extrusion granules “Perfect Glide”
  • removable fitting of our tennis carpets
  • PVC, linoleum and parquet flooring for badminton, aerobics and more
  • mobile badminton courts including net system
  • surface elastic and point elastic sports carpets systems
  • artificial grass carpets for tennis and agility
  • accessories: e.g. nets, divider netting, ball catching curtains, vacuum cleaners
    and more


How do I choose an indoor tennis court carpet?

Spoilt for choice: Which carpet is the right one for your members?

What do your members expect from the new playing surface? This is the central question that you should ask yourself before you decide to renew your indoor tennis carpet. The demands on an indoor tennis court surface vary greatly from region to region. It is therefore important to determine which carpet is best suited to your players’ wishes. This will give you an advantage over your indoor tennis court competitors.

The main distinguishing criteria for indoor tennis carpet are:

  • playing style
  • running comfort
  • maintenance and
  • the question of whether players wear tennis shoes with smooth outsoles or tread.

We differentiate between the following types of carpet:

Carpets without granule infill

  • SCHÖPP®-Classic – the classic smooth velour
  • SCHÖPP®-ProBounce – coarse fibre velour as textile hardcourt
  • SCHÖPP®-Proflex® Elite – elastic hardcourt on polyurethane basis

Carpets with optional granule infill

  • SCHÖPP®-Allround – textured velour that can do everything
  • SCHÖPP®-Champion – coarse-fibre comfort velour with granule infill option

Granule carpets

  • SCHÖPP®-Winner – structure loop granule carpets


Our textile hardcourt

The ongoing development of tennis rackets over the last 20 years has fundamentally changed the game of tennis. The latest developments in rackets make it possible for even recreational players to hit the ball at high speeds. Today’s playing surfaces must provide greater deceleration of the ball and allow it to bounce higher. The classic smooth velour carpet such as the Schöpp®-Classic, which is still available, are therefore now rarely in demand because of their very fast ball bounce.
Our new coarse-fibre velour Schöpp®-ProBounce, on the other hand, has a rough surface due to a single filament thickness of 200 dtex, which creates a slow ball bounce. It combines the professional coating properties of a hardcourt with the advantages of a textile tennis velour, which has rightly earned it the name “textile hardcourt”.

Short and to the point:

  • elegant, unstructured surface
  • professional carpet characteristics
  • perfect, high ball bounce
  • genuine response to slice and top spin
  • the Comfort option offers good cushioning with elastic fleece


SCHÖPP®-Champion: Coarse-fibre comfort velour with granule option

The comfortable Schöpp®-Champion is primarily intended for hobby and club players. Its ball bounce is slower, similar to a clay court. Top spin and slice are slightly softened. Thanks to the very robust product construction, this carpet can also be played on with tennis shoes that have an outsole tread, without the need for granules.
Like the Schöpp®-ProBounce, the Schöpp®-Champion is produced from a particularly coarse and robust polyamide yarn with a single filament thickness of 200 dtex.
Due to the greater pile height of 6 millimetres and a lower filament density, the surface of the carpet is less athletic than that of the “textile hardcourt”.
With the optional granule scattering of 400 grams of extrusion granules Perfect Glide per square metre, the Schöpp®-Champion resembles the sliding surface of needle-punch velour carpets, but as a polyamide carpet it is more robust and above all much more comfortable.

Standard polymer fabric back

Comfort polymer elastic fleece backing


SCHÖPP®-Allround: Our all-rounder

We have fitted the structured velour Schöpp®-Allround on over 2,000 courts since 1994. Since then, it has been equally appreciated by players of all levels due to its versatility and its very “honest” ball bouncing characteristics. It can be played on with or without our extrusion granules Perfect-Glide – preferably with tennis shoes that have a smooth outsole. A pile weight of 1,000 grams per square metre has proven it worth. If desired, the yarn input can also be increased to 1,250 or 1,400 g/m². The fabric surface is thus even more compact and durable. It is particularly important here that the higher yarn input weight leads to a higher pile density (up to 300,000 piles/m²), but only marginally to a higher pile height. This is because a yarn layer that is too soft would negatively impact the ball bouncing properties.

If you are looking for:
a high-quality tennis carpet for all requirements with excellent and durable playing comfort and at the same time perfect ball bounce.

Our recommendation:
Our structured velour Allround 1000/1250 Comfort with elastic fleece polymer coating.

Play a test game on this all-rounder –When and where?
We will be happy to arrange an appointment for you in one of our reference properties.

Standard polymer fabric back

Comfort elastic fleece backing


SCHÖPP®-Winner: The sliding surface

In 1999, Schöpp-Sportboden GmbH launched the “Slide” quality – the first textile tennis court with a loop structure – an absolute product innovation.
The more pronounced loop structure gave this generation of carpets a revolutionary advantage over the structured velour carpets that had been common until then because it was much better at retaining the larger quantity of granule infill, which is necessary when playing with tennis shoes with a deeper tread.

We have subsequently continued to develop our successful Schöpp®-Slide product. The new fishbone structure “Winner” is characterised by a particularly coarse structure for an even longer lasting, more consistent granule distribution. With ball bounce properties similar to a clay court and a smooth gliding response when wearing tennis shoes with a deeper tread, it is impressive right down the line. In combination with our dust and odour-free extrusion granule Perfect Glide, this clean granule carpet also has great advantages over needle fleece carpets with a conventional rubber granulate.
The Schöpp®-Winner is also available with the yarn input weights 1000 or 1200 g/m² and in the product variants Standard and Comfort.

Standard polymer fabric back

Comfort elastic fleece backing


SCHÖPP®-Proflex® Elite: Elastic hardcourt on polyurethane basis

In 2019, we rounded off our wide range of textile tennis courts with the hard court system Proflex® Elite, which is even more specifically targeted at the performance-oriented tennis player. What is special about this this hardcourt is that, unlike conventional competitor products, it is manufactured of polyurethane, not acrylic, and is therefore – with the appropriate properties set for athletic functionality – of higher quality and significantly more elastic.

A hardcourt does not have to be hard – You have the choice:

  • point-elastic variation with 6 mm elastic rubber layer or
  • mixed elastic variation on sprung flooring with 4 mm elastic rubber layer

Thanks to the obligatory elastic rubber layer and the durable, elastic PU coatings, the Proflex® Elite will always offer good playing comfort, which increases the acceptance of this hard court surface even among older tennis players who are looking for greater comfort. As a synthetic carpet, Proflex® Elite is also suitable as a multifunctional sports surface for various uses.


Polymer coating – a pioneering and climate-friendly coating technology

In contrast to the usual latex coating, the yarn bonding and back lamination of our polymer coating is not achieved with a highly chalk-filled latex dispersion, but with a hotmelt polymer.
As this production process does not require any complex drying, the energy required for polymer coating is much lower than for classic latex coating.
In comparison, better integration and bonding of the materials is achieved, resulting in a significantly higher quality and durability of the carpet.

Polymer-coated carpets are also around 40 percent lighter thanks to the absence of fillers and latex that can become brittle, therefore remaining elastic and retaining its athletic functionality in the long term.
As this carpet consists only of pure plastic polymers, it can be fed back into a high-quality recycling process for later disposal when necessary.

The benefits are …

  • the excellent thread binding and the stability of the cut edge
  • the resulting extended lifespan of the tennis court carpet
  • a highly elastic, filler-free polymer coating
  • an optional elastic fleece backing, and thus particularly good damping properties
  • the sustainability of the crude oil-based polyamide raw material

Product variants – Standard and Comfort
We produce our textile tennis carpets either in the Standard variation with a fabric-back and polymer coating, or in the Comfort variation with an elastic fleece polymer coating.
Due to the changing demands on the comfort of a tennis carpet, we recommend opting for the Comfort variant with the elastic fleece backing for a sustainable elasticity that lasts the entire lifespan of the tennis carpet.

Colour and combination

Colour and combination options

Possible combinations



Indoor tennis court accessories: more than carpets

Ball curtains
Since 1999 we have been producing ball catching curtains, which are perfectly matched in colour to the two-tone tennis court surface, therefore also giving an old indoor tennis court a new look. The ball curtains are made in-house of highquality polyester fabric (fire class B1). The curtains are suspended from the steel cable with carabiner hooks. In addition to their functionality and attractive appearance, ball curtains also offer benefits in terms of acoustics and thermal insulation. On request, curtains without pleats can also be supplied.
SCHÖPP® Ball-catching curtains – an improvement for every indoor tennis court.

Accessories and Maintenance
As part of the refurbishment of your indoor tennis courts, we will be happy to supply you with a complete package of additional accessories, such as partition nets, tennis nets and net systems, benches, umpire chairs, easy-to-clean runner rugs, and maintenance equipment. In addition to correct use, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your new tennis carpet.

Tennis granules Perfect-Glide – the revolutionary development in the granule sector
The tennis granule Perfect-Glide is not ground from a rubber block like conventional rubber granulate, but extruded into 1 millimetre filaments and then cut to a predefined length.
This process enables the production of dust-free extrusion granule in optimised lentil shape.

The advantageous properties of our Perfect-Glide speak for themselves:

  • Dust-free and odourless
  • Optimum gliding behaviour with low granule quantity
  • No soiling of clothing or club rooms and spaces
  • Low maintenance

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